Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz, a benchmark in Extremadura hotel and gastronomy

This past weekend, once again and not to lose good habits, we have gathered some good friends to enjoy in the company of what we like most: travel and know the beautiful corners that this country hides. This time the chosen place was Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz), a city known above all for its cheese industry, although it hides many other attractions that I will tell you in the next post. But as you know those who follow me normally in the blog, we do not usually choose bad places to sleep and rest from the cultural and gastronomic agenda that we usually schedule. In this case it could not be different and therefore the selected accommodation to enjoy our rest was the wonderful Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz .

I do not exaggerate if I say that it is the best hotel, not only of Villanueva de la Serena, but of all the surrounding towns. Only the Paradores de Trujillo, Mérida and Guadalupe can shade it, but all of them are about 100 kilometers away from La Serena, so it undoubtedly becomes the hotel reference in this area of ​​Badajoz.

hanway blog travel hotel cortijo santa cruz facade

Facade of the Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz

hanway blog travel hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz swimming pool

Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz has a swimming pool for adults and another for children

hanway blog travel hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz patio

From the entrance hall we can see the interior courtyard of the Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz

This charming hotel was built on an old 19th century farmhouse. The owners, after a facelift and several months of restoration, have managed to maintain the architectural attractiveness of this typical Spanish construction while providing it with all the comforts and services that a four-star establishment requires. It stands out above all that, although it has been open for nine years, its facilities are in perfect condition. If I ever say that this hotel opened a couple of years ago, I would have believed it.

The Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz is composed of a total of 3 buildings and is located in a natural space that occupies an area of ​​65,000 square meters. In the central body of the old farmhouse we will find its 48 modern and equipped rooms with vaulted ceilings: 40 of them double, four suites (some of them with Jacuzzi), two adapted rooms and other two single ones. All of them have been carefully designed so that they offer maximum comfort and rest in our stay.

hanway blog viajes hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz habitación

Standard room of Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz

Hanway blog travel Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz suite

One of the suites at Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz


La Encomienda Restaurant

In addition to all the benefits that I have told you before, if that were not enough, Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz hides a wonderful treasure: its restaurant La Encomienda. Hand in hand with its Argentine chef Nicolás Gómez Salvai , the restaurant La Encomienda has become in a short time a reference not only of Villanueva de la Serena, but of this whole region of Badajoz. This young chef (he is only 33 years old) has managed to fuse with elegance and affection the Extremaduran products with the most modern and innovative cuisine, without ever losing respect for traditional cuisine.

Their dishes, all made with excellent raw materials, are a real pleasure for our senses. Among other delicacies, in its seasonal cuisine we can taste delicacies such as: delicious tuna tartar cannelloni, a spectacular Iberian sirloin (I have rarely eaten one), a tasty red tuna, exquisite ham croquettes or desserts as original and striking as the apple puff pastry with coffee.

Just to enjoy this gastronomic corner of Badajoz, I assure you that it is very worth making a stop at the Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz .

Hanway blog travel hotel cortijo santa cruz la encomienda

La Encomienda Restaurant

Hanway blog travel hotel cortijo Santa Cruz restaurant

Gastronomic orgasm at @_LaEncomienda by chef @NicolasRBChef #AmigosdeViaje @HotelCSC


Other services of the Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz

The rest of services offered by this hotel are focused and designed for our rest and well-being. In addition to the two swimming pools, one for children and one for adults with a Jacuzzi, the hotel has a small SPA composed of a sauna, a Turkish bath, a Jacuzzi and thermal loungers, although you must take into account that it is only open on Thursdays. , Friday and Saturday from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

For sports lovers, you can get fit in the full gym and on its tennis and paddle courts. If you are passionate about golf, the hotel also has a pitch-and-putt and a perfect driving range for practicing swing. The only thing is that you can not practice with the woods, since the training field only measures 180 meters long.

Other services available to the hotel are: free Wi-Fi connection , free parking, laundry and dry cleaning service, access for the disabled, bar-cafeteria, business center and newspapers in common areas.

Hanway blog travel Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz gym

The hotel has a large gym

Hanway blog travel hotel cortijo santa cruz spa

The SPA of the hotel has a jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and thermal loungers

The hotel also has a driving range for golf lovers

hanway blog travel hotel cortijo santa cruz tenis pádel

The paddle and tennis courts are next to the hotel parking

Costa Nova, the town of the houses painted with stripes

Just 15 minutes from the tourist Aveiro (the Venice Lusa), we find another huge claim: the beaches of Costa Nova . For us, the Spaniards, accustomed to our overcrowded beaches and their characteristic chiringuitos (they also have their charm, I know) find us with practically virgin beaches that extend along kilometers with beautiful natural dunes and fine sand, it is little less than surprising.

These Portuguese beaches are awarded the blue flag, so they have good water quality for bathing and also have all the infrastructures and security measures necessary to ensure a pleasant and safe stay.

The beaches face west and open to the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore it is a more than favorable place for the practice of water sports, since its waves are much higher than those of the Mediterranean. At any time of the year, surfers from all over the world make their august in these Portuguese landscapes. Another thing to keep in mind is that the temperature of the water is very low, even in the middle of summer, although it does not seem to be an impediment so that, in high season, it is a destination more popular among locals and foreigners. Although the beaches can be filled quite a lot in the hot months, it is such an extension that we can always find a quiet place to enjoy a sunny day.

The main promenade of Costa Nova is a show with its houses painted in stripes

All houses are different in size and color

These magnificent beaches are sheltered by two tourist towns Barra and Costa Nova that have seen as in recent years, have gradually moved from being fishing towns to be sought after resorts for summer. Although Barra has the attraction of its beach, much quieter in terms of waves and therefore more pleasant for a stay with children, is the town of Costa Nova which takes all the applause.

The toponym of Costa Nova do Prado emerged at the beginning of the 19th century, when the fishing village of Costa Nova was founded. The term “Costa Nova” (New Coast) began to be used with the opening of the bar of the Ria de Aveiro in 1808, to differentiate it from the “old coast”, that of the beach of São Jacinto, used until then by the fishermen. The designation “do Prado” simply indicates that next to the beach there was an extensive and green meadow, of which you can still enjoy a pleasant walk.
Costa Nova hanway blog travel ride

On the main avenue we will find many shops and restaurants

Costa Nova hanway blog travel beach houses painted

The neighbors take care of their original homes

The great attraction of this town, are some wooden houses (called the palheiros) painted with striking colors and that is happening one after another creating a beautiful multicolored horizon. These typical buildings, originally used by fishermen in the area to store fishing materials, have been used over the years as summer homes. During the nineteenth century the fishermen of Ílhavo were installed in Costa Nova, since this new coastal area allowed access to the sea safer than that of São Jacinto. The construction of the barns, warehouses and refuges of the men of sea and of the boats that worked in the Ría then began. The original haystacks were built with local materials, built on fixed stakes in the dry sands of Costa Nova, with the external platform arranged horizontally and painted a very bright red, greeting the sea with color and energy. The interior space was wide, without any division, fulfilling its function of being nothing more than a spacious warehouse. Over the years, some fishermen began to transform the barns, adapting them to make them habitable and to accommodate families in the summer season. And so, little by little, the old barns were transformed into homes, charming restaurants and small shops that still smell of yesteryear, but do not stop creating a tourist offer more than desirable.

Costa Nova hanway blog travel balcony

Costa Nova hanway blog travel people people

The ride of the estuary is a delight. On one side are those houses, with their restaurants where they serve seafood and fish, souvenir shops, pastry shops and ice cream parlors, and on the other, the wide estuary; in the middle, the cobblestone, with its drawings of sea horses and fish, a large lawn and a path for bicycles. Let’s add the tripe stalls (typical sweets, such as ovos moles, which feel better to the palate than the line) and the palm trees, tennis courts and a free-use indoor soccer field, where you can improvise friendly matches and international, and you have a perfect setting for a quiet holiday in a very beautiful setting. I can assure you that with all this you want to buy one of these houses.

Costa Nova hanway blog travel main avenue

From the main avenue to the beach there is a row of three rows of houses

Where to eat

The offer is wide and varied, but I think that among all that we can find in Costa Nova, these two restaurants stand out:

Clube de Vela of Costa Nova

We will find it on the same beach, next to the colorful houses painted with stripes. The menu is wide and varied, although you can go there without eating delicious grelhadas (grilled baby squid), exquisite clams from the estuary or the spectacular cod brás , the specialty of the house. As it is close to the estuary, the views from the restaurant with the boats sailing are idyllic.

Marisquería Costa Nova

It is very close to Clube de Vela, on the main avenue of Costa Nova. As the name of the restaurant indicates, here you come to eat fish or seafood. To suck your fingers: the cod lagareiro, prawns and clams. If you have a craving for seafood, you can taste one for € 50 for two people. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that it is always steamed here and not steamed. Delicious homemade desserts.

In both restaurants, if we do not overdo it, we can eat phenomenally for around € 20 per person. As you know, in Portugal you still eat very well and at very competitive prices. What a pleasure!

Costa Nova hanway blog travel beach surf

Costa Nova has become the perfect place to seek our well-deserved rest

The waves of the Costa Nova beach are known for their bravery

How to get there from Aveiro

The beaches are located about 10km west of Aveiro. Aveiro is connected to the beach by a summer bus service, which runs with an approximate frequency of 1 hour during the summer season. The bus leaves its own dock, which is located in Rossio Square, past the docks of the Moliceiros. A single ticket to Barra or Costa Nova is priced at € 2.30, and the round-trip ticket costs € 3.75. If you prefer to take a taxi to the beach, the race will cost about € 12, so it is always advisable to take the bus.

To reach the beaches by car, follow the A25 motorway westbound from Aveiro; At the end of the road you will find a roundabout: turn right (north) to go to Barra or left (south) to go to Costa Nova. Both towns have enough space to park, but it can be difficult to find a good place near the beach access during the summer.

Hotel Rural Vale do Rio, the best option in Centro Portugal

Because of my experience in the tourism sector and my many years with suitcases in tow, I have always been among those who think that the category of a hotel can serve as a guide, but it can lead us to error when choosing a hotel for spend a stay. Surely more than one of you, like me, has ever happened to you that a five-star hotel has disappointed you a little or left you with a bad taste in the mouth and conversely, lower-category hotels have surprised you very pleasantly . And this happens, in essence, for the people who work and run those establishments. The professionals who are in charge are to a large extent to blame for the success or failure of the hotel establishments. This maxim, for my joy and satisfaction, was given again this week at the Hotel Rural Vale do Rio .

This wonderful four star hotel, with fantastic facilities that I detail below, is managed by a splendid professional human group where your effort, education and service by and for the client is the essence of your success. Leading this wonderful staff is its director, Rita Alves , the great culprit that everything works like a Swiss watch. Hopefully many other hotels will take note of the management that is done at the Hotel Rural Vale do Rio .

The Vale do Rio is the only hotel in #Portugal capable of generating energy thanks to its water mill. 

hanway blog travel Hotel Rural Vale do Rio reading and games room

Reading room and games of the Rural Hotel Vale do Rio – Photo Elisa Tcach

The hotel is located in Oliveira de Azeméis, in the Central Portugal region, just 30 kilometers from Aveiro, the most well-known city and the main urban center of that area. To get there you need the GPS since it is nestled in a wonderful wooded area belonging to the hills of Palmaz. This hotel was built on an old mini-hydro of 1800 with what they have achieved that this recovered facility produces nergía hidroeléctrica, haciéndole autosuficiente para producir energía solar, fotovoltaica, biomasa y biodiésel, siendo el Hotel Rural Vale do Rio de este manera el único hotel de Portugal en generar energía . Un motivo más para elegir este hotel “ecológico” y cuidadoso con el medio ambiente y con una gestión sostenible.

Its facilities are divided into 3 buildings: the main one where we find the 30 rooms, the bar, the breakfast room and sports facilities such as the gym, the pool and the SPA; a large annex building for meetings and banquets; and a third where is the restaurant Hídrica do Caima, where they serve lunch and dinner.

All its facilities are modern, they are in an excellent state of conservation and all the common areas have everything necessary to make our stay perfect.

The decoration of the Hotel Rural Vale do Rio has been taken care of with great taste and all kinds of details – Foto Elisa Tcach

As you can see in the pictures below, the design and good taste prima in the hotel rooms. If we add to this the peace that surrounds us and all the services that we find and are at our disposal, I assure you that it costs to leave them.

Its 30 rooms are exterior with views of the Caima River or part of the forest and all of them have a furnished terrace, minibar, LCD TV with digital channels and premiere films. For those traveling as a family, you have the possibility to choose connecting rooms. Of course free wifi , but not only in the rooms, but in all the hotel facilities.

Hanway blog travel hotel rural vale do rio

Standard room of the Hotel Rural Vale do Rio

hanway blog travel red room rural hotel vale do rio

There is the possibility to choose connecting rooms

Caidal Water Restaurant

With a modern and sophisticated design, the Hídrica do Caima restaurant is located in an annex building to the hotel, next to the mini-hydrological pool of 1800 that was recovered and energizes the hotel taking advantage of the strength of the Caima river, hence its name. Its large windows and spacious terrace give it a lot of light, creating a cozy and very pleasant atmosphere.

Its menu is not very extensive, but it stands out for having a selection of typical dishes from the north of Portugal made with traditional products and the region with avant-garde design, in the style of the most sophisticated international cuisine. To emphasize among its dishes the entrecot with rice caldoso; goat cheese with apple, honey and nuts; his grilled salmon; its delicious arroz de tamboril or, the one I liked the most, a spectacular rice with baked duck. Do not lose sight of their appetizers, too, such as the cheese au gratin with black pudding or its exotic salad.

Also noteworthy is its large cellar where Portuguese wines, from different regions, are the protagonists. For quality / price I would highlight the red Flor do Tua reserve of 2016 with DO Douro, awarded with different international awards and that is at a very reasonable price, only € 15.

hanway blog travel restaurant Hotel Rural Vale do Rio

Caidal Water Restaurant – Photo Elisa Tcach

Hanway blog travel winery restaurant Hotel Rural Vale do Rio

Winery of the Caima Water Restaurant – Photo Elisa Tcach

Hanway blog travel food restaurant Hotel Rural Vale do Rio

The burger with homemade potatoes is one of the specialties of the Caima Water Restaurant – Photo Elisa Tcach

In the restaurant of the Vale Do Rio hotel, Hídrica do Caima, we started with this queijo de cabra with maça, mel and nozes. Delicious! Portugal


Other services of the Hotel Vale do Rio

In addition to the fantastic restaurant that I just commented, the Rural Hotel Vale do Rio has many other services designed to make our stay always falls short. In my case I spent three days enjoying all of them and I assure you that I would have stayed a week longer if I could. For sports enthusiasts at reception we can rent bicycles and go through many routes through the lush forest that surrounds us, ending our walk with a picnic, or get fit in your gym.

If what we want is to relax and drive away stress, nothing better than doing some of the treatments offered in your SPA and end up relaxing in your indoor pool while we have a cocktail or a juice prepared in the bar of your bar. You will not tell me that you do not want this plan at any time of the year.

At night, nothing better than to finish the evenings in your library with terrace and pool, where we can extend the day enjoying a good time of leisure.

Hanway blog travel Hotel Rural Vale do Rio swimming pool

The hotel’s indoor pool allows us to enjoy it throughout the year

Hanway blog travel Hotel Rural Vale do Rio room massage

SPA massage room

What to do around the Rural Hotel Vale do Rio

  • Molinológico Theme Park : The Molinológico Theme Park consists of a 4-kilometer route along the banks of the Ul and Antuã Ygual rivers enjoying the natural landscape and the ancient water mills that have been used in the area for hundreds of years. In addition to enjoying a very pleasant walk through the woods up the rivers, we can also contemplate a mysterious Lusitano-Roman fort, considered one of the most important archaeological sites of the Council of Oliveira de Azeméis. Do not miss the opportunity to buy fresh bread (in the old style and with 100% natural products) in the first mill on the route located in Ul. Eating that delight will make you go back in time and remember when you made real bread and not what we eat now.

Hanway blog travel mills Rural Hotel Vale do Rio

Molino de Ui – Photo Elisa Tcach

In this area of ​​@CentroPortugal there are 10 mills as beautiful as this one of Ul (by the way, the town with the smallest name of #Portugal)

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa, luxury and relaxation in the Region of Murcia

If you have had the opportunity to read my latest post, you will know that thanks to the Institute of Tourism of the Region of Murcia and Destinia , I had the privilege of enjoying some wonderful days knowing and enjoying La Manga del Mar Menor and its surroundings . A fantastic experience that will remain in my memory for a lifetime. The pain, as always, was the tight schedule that we usually carry in this type of travel. In the end you always leave in the inkwell wonderful places to discover. But looking at it on the positive side, it is the perfect excuse to return to this wonderful and welcoming land. And as it is something I plan to do shortly, I have no doubt where I will stay when I return to Murcia: at the La Torre Golf Resort & Spa Hotel .

This spectacular 5-star establishment is located in the municipality of Torre-Pacheco, close to the Sierra de la Cadena and only 15 minutes from La Manga. Perfect as a “base camp” to disconnect and combine beach, interior, sports, health and gastronomy.

Overview of the Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa

Closed for some time, the new owners of the Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa, took over the management a few months ago with the idea of ​​relaunching it and positioning it as a benchmark in the Region of Murcia. I am convinced that they will achieve it, and more knowing the human team that works on it.

Its 133 rooms, including an incredible royal suite and two presidential suites, are of course equipped with everything necessary to make our stay perfect and pleasant. All are quite spacious and include a terrace or balcony overlooking the golf course (the sunrises from them are photo). Peace and silence guaranteed in our rest 365 days a year.

I would also highlight its bathrooms (with shower and bathtub), a space that with age, I am giving more importance in hotels. In addition to its size, I usually fix on the amenities, water pressure, laundry … and in this hotel there is no fault.

And do not worry about the internet connection: there is free wifi in all your rooms.

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa gym hanway blog travel real room

Terrace of the Royal Suite

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa gym hanway blog travel room balcony

All rooms have a terrace or balcony overlooking the golf course

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa gym hanway blog travel superior room

All rooms are spacious, fully equipped and very comfortable

But accompany me and I give you a small summary of all the services offered by this wonderful hotel:

Pure SPA La Torre

Newly renovated, the SPA of the Hotel La Torre is one of its strong points. Divided into three areas (wellness, SPA and fitness), we can enjoy the greatest relax that we can imagine with the help of its excellent professionals.

Within your wellness space, facial and body treatments, as in almost all establishments, are by prior reservation, an important fact to consider if we plan to use any of the five rooms available.

To relax in our air, I recommend you to try your great SPA by completing a complete circuit starting with its 25-meter heated pool, combining it with your sauna, steam bath, ice fountain and multi-sensory showers. A luxury, right?

The hotel has five rooms in its wellness area

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa gym hanway blog travel pool

The indoor pool measures 25 meters

Your Fitness space, as you can see in the photo below, is modern and perfectly equipped with the latest cardiovascular and bodybuilding machinery. The gym has direct access to the indoor pool. The perfect place to disconnect and activate our endorphins.

It is not surprising that many sports teams choose this hotel to do their preseason.

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa gym hanway blog travel

The gym at Hotel La Torre is modern and perfectly equipped


If I told you previously that the SPA was one of the strengths of this hotel, the cuisine offered in the four rooms dedicated to this divine pleasure, is really wonderful. And this is the fault of its star chef Tony Pérez , a true master at the kitchen, with an enviable curriculum obtained after going through some of the best restaurants on the national and international scene. If you suffer from any type of allergy or intolerance, there is no problem: let us know in advance and they will give you several alternative options to your letter.

To start the day with energy, nothing better than to gather strength with the full breakfast served at the Ginkgo restaurant . Those who follow me through the networks know my fondness for good food and how I enjoy it, especially in the breakfast of hotels. And if they have live cooking like at the Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa, they have won me for life. To thank the variety of freshly squeezed fresh juices (when they will learn other hotels).

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa hanway blog travel gastronomy Tony Pérez

In the Ginkgo Restaurant you can enjoy a full and delicious breakfast

For informal moments, it is best to visit Al Fresco Bar & Grill , a space located on the hotel terrace, next to the outdoor pool. In it we will enjoy, among other things, delicious salads and a fun selection of paellas and rice dishes. This space is open according to season.

If you simply want to enjoy a good wine or cocktail, accompanied by a rich tapa, it is best to visit their bar La Vinoteca . As they have a wide cellar that includes broths from almost all continents, it is best that you do what I did: let yourself be advised by your room manager. Surely it hits with your preference and taste.

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa hanway blog travel gastronomy Tony Pérez terrace

At Al Fresco Bar & Grill we will enjoy your good cuisine in a unique setting

And to delight you like real kings, drop by their Restaurant La Vinoteca . As Tony Perez explained to us, in this gastronomic temple the local genre is the protagonist, choosing the best seasonal products of the area. Authentic kitchen “Kilometer 0” elaborated with care.

The result, as it can not be otherwise, are delicious dishes, wonderfully prepared and absolutely exquisite. Highlights: the tomato tartar with burrata and truffle cream, the tuna tartar with guacamole and mango, the corvina ceviche, the lamb ravioli and tamarind sauce, the fried octopus with yucca cream and fruit jam or the spectacular tacos cochinita pibil de chato with sweet potato and guacamole (one of the dishes that I liked the most).

An authentic delicacy prepared by Tony Pérez at La Vinoteca Restaurant


It should be noted that the golf course does not belong to the hotel, but has preferential agreements for its guests. Although this is so, due to the proximity and the gastronomic quality of this accommodation, many of the players who enjoy this course use the hotel as if it were the Club House.

But in addition, lovers of this sport are lucky. In addition to enjoying the golf course of this urban complex, the Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa also has other preferential agreements with 6 other golf courses nearby, some of them considered TOP in Spain. Perfect for long stays in the hotel and combine this hobby in different fields. These are: Serena Golf, La Manga Club, Roda Golf, Hacienda del Álamo, Altorreal Golf and Aguión Golf.

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa pool gym hanway blog travel

All rooms at Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa overlook the golf course

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa gym hanway blog travel panoramic golf


Meetings and Events

If all these services that I have told you, we add its more than 1000 square meters of surface area divided into four rooms, makes the Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa is the perfect place to hold any meeting, incentive, congress or event. Do not hesitate to ask for a personalized quote from your sales team.

Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa gym hanway blog travel lake

I have no doubt: my next stay in Murcia will be again the Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa

Before finalizing, I have to put special emphasis on the human team of the Hotel La Torre Golf Resort & Spa. It is normal to think that in a hotel with these characteristics, its staff has to be up to the task, but we all know that, unfortunately, this is not always the case. In this case, I can assure you that, without realizing it, you will verify that everything works like a Swiss watch. And always with an exquisite education and a permanent smile in each and every one of its employees, which helps and a lot to enjoy even more of our stay. He was chained by Mr. Padina, his manager, and by all his department heads.

Hotels on the Costa Smeralda

 Hotel Residence Riva Azzurra on the Costa Smeralda

Hotel Residence Riva Azzurra on the Costa Smeralda

Visual paradise, its beaches are the most ambitious of the Mediterranean, and the streets of Porto Cervo or Porto Rotondo walk famous and VIPS alternating luxury restaurants, select nightclubs and fashion shops where the rest we can only look.

Sleeping in Costa Esmeralda is not exactly economical, but we can always find offers out of season. Five star hotels or villas on the coast or beach can reach 600 or 700 € per night. In the opposite case, hotels with charm or apartments in towns such as Arzachena are the option of accommodation to save and enjoy the Costa Esmeralda at the same time.

We offer you some of the best hotels and apartments of the Costa Esmeralda according to our experience:

Hotel Residence Riva Azzurra – Cannigione (3 stars)

The location of the three star hotel in Cannigione beach line, in the Gulf of Arzachena is one of the strong points. In addition to nearby archaeological sites such as the Tomba dei Giganti and Liscia Ruia, its resort-style facilities with swimming pools are a fairly cheap possibility to stay on the Costa Smeralda. More information and reservation

Hotel Parco degli Ulivi – Arzachena (4 stars)

This hotel has a good price for the four stars it offers, based on the quality of the establishment and a giant pool that is one of the hotel’s great assets. On the outskirts of Arzachena, it allows quick access by car to the beaches of the Costa Esmeralda, the Parque de las Islas Magadalena and tourist attractions such as Roca de Capo Orso. More information and reservations.

Hotel Residence Sopravento – Porto Cervo (2 stars)

The Sopravento Residence has only two stars but the opinions of those who pass through the hotel are highly valued, for the price as well as for the warmth of the deal and also for the comfort of the accommodation. If we add that it is less than 1km from the center of Porto Cervo and surrounded by characteristic Mediterranean vegetation that arrives like a rug to the coast, it is a recommended place to sleep in the Costa Esmeralda area. More information and reservations

Hotel Romazzino, a Luxury Collection Hotel – Arzachena, Costa Smeralda (5 stars)

The Hotel Romazzino is the luxury option for those seeking exclusivity. As soon as we enter, we will notice because it has 5 stars since the facilities and the rooms are worthy of the highest standing. Here celebrities and people with a lot of economic capacity go to rest of the night of Porto Cervo prefer to sleep in the outskirts, near the Pevero Golf Club, the Romazzino beach or the Capriccioli beach. More information and reservations.

These are just a sample of the accommodations offered by our partner. All Costa Esmeralda Hotels

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Charming hotel in Seville

Attractive destinations in Spain

It has always been said that Seville is a wonderful place, one of the most attractive destinations in Spain, a city with almost 3,000 years of history. But what makes it original? Visiting and staying at a hotel in the center of Seville or a boutique hotel in Seville is an irrefutable proposal.

Although its authenticity can be appreciated throughout the capital, there are some neighborhoods that still make it more special. In the district of Casco Antiguo, one of the largest historical centers in Europe, the popular Santa Cruz district, the old medieval Jewish quarter, is hidden. And it is, among its narrow streets, where you can discover the essence of this Andalusian city.

The Reales Alcázares, the Archivo General de Indias and the Cathedral with a Gothic style (Patrimonies of Humanity) next to the Murillo Gardens limit this neighborhood. But it is the small details that give it charm so that it becomes one of the most visited areas. A labyrinth of narrow cobblestone alleys gets rid of the summer sun and turns out to be the sideboard of the picturesque houses with unique lampposts on their facades. The stately homes with balconies overflowing with freshness for their plants and flowers will lead you to the murmur of water from the terraces covered with light. You can also contemplate the typical house-patio and, if you’re lucky, admire one of its unique corners characterized by tiles. And to be able to enjoy the best views of the Giralda it is essential to pass by Mateos Gago street.

Along with all these wonders, a few minutes walk, you will find the boutique hotel Sevilla, the best option to rest. The boutique hotel Casa del Poeta is a charming hotel , a hotel of Sevillian design, with an interior courtyard surrounded by arches and columns and a soulful atmosphere. This hotel in the center of Seville encourages us to take a quiet night walk along the banks of the Guadalquivir river under the dim light of the street lamps.


What is a Boutique Hotel? Boutique Concept and Charming Hotels

The Boutique Concept

What is a Boutique Hotel ?: The concept arose in the 80s in New York City, as a response to the search for a different, more exclusive and luxurious product . This type of boutique hotels have few rooms that can be different from each other, showing unique characteristics of the building as they are usually located in key locations in the city or region and buildings such as castles, palace-houses, forts, etc. The boutique hotels have a charm and singular beauty because many of them are themed transporting us to another era, or they teach us the customs and idiosyncrasy of the place.

Exclusive Hotel Boutique Service

Exclusive Hotel Boutique Service

An exclusive service from the completion of the reservation

The boutique hotel is a charming enclave where clients receive, from the time they make their reservation, an exclusive treatment where they are offered a personalized service letter. The main objective is to make the customer feel at home. The intimacy that is given to the guest is one of the most characteristic things of the Boutique Hotel. In these hotels the tranquility, exclusivity and comfort of a luxury hotel is guaranteed in a historic building equipped with the best existing technology at the service of rest.

Detail of <a  href=''>hotel with</a> charm” /></p>
<p>Detail of hotel with charm</p>
<h2>Hotel Casa del Poeta ****: A charming hotel number 1 in Seville</h2>
<p>Casa del Poeta is a charming hotel located in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz that after just over two years has managed to be the best hotel in Seville according to users of TripAdvisor , a fundamental tool for the traveler today. The exclusive treatment taking care of the smallest detail is one of the keys to the success of our hotel.</p>
<p>Our team of professionals treat each of our clients in a special way by organizing visits, reservations in restaurants and shows, recommending local places such as markets, fairs, etc. all in the language of the client because they speak English, French, Italian, German and Arabic.</p>
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The uniqueness of the building is remarkable, since it is a typical Sevillian house of the seventeenth century where it is thought that the medieval poet, Ximénez de Enciso, was born, that is why our hotel is called Casa del Poeta.

Our establishment enjoys the absolute privacy safeguarded by our team and by the place where it is located, the heart of the Barrio de Santa Cruz. A neighborhood of narrow streets located a few meters from the Cathedral of Seville and the Royal Alcazar.

The rooms are decorated in different ways respecting the highest quality and comfort of a luxury hotel with a lot of charm .

If you usually book charming hotels where the sound of the Spanish guitar is the soundtrack of your best memories in Seville, you should not hesitate to book at Hotel Boutique Casa del Poeta.

Reviews of a Charming Hotel: What do our clients say?

We wanted to recover here the comments that our customers have made public on TripAdvisor. We are very proud of the love they show us in their opinions and the ideas and perceptions transmitted and that help us to better understand the experience in our Boutique Hotel. All comments have been taken verbatim from TripAdvisor (go to comments) . Here we leave some of the most recent:

The best hotel in Seville

***** by Juan S. Ceuta at Hotel Boutique Casa del Poeta

Architecturally wonderful. Excellently decorated. Very well taken care of all details. Breakfast very good. A luxury patio with lush vegetation. Absolute tranquility You sleep in glory, you can not hear the slightest noise.

Boutique Room Hotel Poet&#39;s House Boutique Hotel Casa del Poeta 



***** of danmogar Murcia in Hotel Boutique Casa del Poeta

Splendid location in the heart of Santa Cruz , unbeatable treatment, and beautiful place especially for the inner courtyard to which the rooms give, when the music sounds like you are transported to another era. The rooms with very high ceilings and spacious comfortable bed, impeccable bathroom Everything very good tb breakfast, the glass of wine or beer attention on arrival while you check in … great details. It is true that you pay a little more than normal but in this case it is worth that small economic effort.



***** Franceuta2015, Ceuta Spain

We were in the middle of November. They gave us an upgrade without asking, simply because it was our first visit so that we like it and so we repeat in the future. The room was beautiful with great detail and a very comfortable bed, also had a terrace where the morning sun is very pleasant. The most friendly staff. Now I understand why it is so recognized, it is a hotel with magic .



***** by Beatca Sevilla

How nice, how comfortable and what quality price! Highly recommended to go, both as a family and as a couple! The rooms are very spacious and everything is taken care of, the staff attentive and the breakfast fabulous


“Great hotel!”

***** Pasqual P Barcelona

Magnificent service and quality of service. Excellent location.

Breakfast in the exceptional Andalusian patio. In my long traveling experience, this is the most comfortable and pleasant bed I have ever slept on.

The price very reasonable.

In summary, Casa del Poeta is more than just a charming hotel. Highly recommended.


“Wonderful, elegant and different”

***** Susie R

Beautiful, elegant, chic and very discreet differs from the concept of hotel to use. We have loved, congratulations to all the staff and their owners who offer an exclusive and personalized treatment. We return without hesitation!

Charming Hotel in Seville – Poet’s House reviews

Casa del Poeta

Casa del Poeta is a charming hotel , located in the Barrio de Santa Cruz , in the historical center of Seville. It is a boutique hotel in Seville, a concept that defines a new generation of accommodations characterized by personalized treatment, its urban location and a thematic distinction at the architectural level. That is, a design hotel.
Casa del Poeta has had a great acceptance among tourists who come to enjoy the city of Seville. Visitors have been able to express their opinions both directly on the hotel premises and on the Internet, thanks to the search engines and directories that exist so that customers can publicly assess the conditions of the accommodations.

In this sense, has a great reputation and monitoring, so the references we read on its pages are useful to know what customers say freely about the Hotel Casa del Poeta.

We found that the hotel ranks first in the preferences of the users of the page, among 173 more candidates. Travelers rate, for the most part, as excellent or very good the hotel and positively score aspects such as cleanliness, rooms, location, service, quality of sleep and the relationship between quality and price.
The staff, according to their comments, has especially enjoyed the location (hotel in the center of Seville), the cleanliness and decoration of the rooms and the pleasant service. An aspect that has left guests captivated has been the setting, typically Seville, which is lived in the inner courtyard, where the touch of guitar at sunset improves the experience.

The newspaper “your trip” of ABC also highlights the opinions of our hotel in the most recognized portals of tourism valuations:

hotel with charm in Seville reviews ABC Sevilla

Opinions on Casa del Poeta on ABC Sevilla

In short, the opinions of customers, who enjoyed the charm and sevillany of this hotel, endorse their choice when staying in the city of Giralda.

A new concept: Boutique Hotel – Boutique Hotel in the center of Sevilla

What is a Boutique Hotel?

The concept arose in the 1980s in New York City as a response to the quest for a different, more exclusive and luxurious product. This type of hotel has few rooms that both may be different from each other, showing unique features of the building as normally there are establishments located in ideal locations of the city or region and in buildings such as castles. , palace houses, fortresses, etc. These hotels have a singular beauty because many of them have a theme that takes us to another era, or shows us the traditions and idiosyncrasy of the place.

exclusive hotel boutique service

An exclusive service from the realization of the reserve.

The boutique hotel is a charming place where guests receive, from the moment of their reservation, an exclusive treatment where they are offered a personalized service card. The main goal is to make the customer feel at home. The intimacy that is offered to the customer is one of the most characteristic things of Boutique Hotel. In these Hotels are guaranteed the tranquility, exclusivity and comfort of a luxury hotel in a historic building with the best technology available at rest.

Caffe shop

Hotel Casa del Poeta ****: A Numeral Boutique Hotel 1 in Seville

Casa del Poeta is a Boutique Hotel that can after two years be located as the best hotel in Seville according to TripAdvisor users, a fundamental tool for today’s travelers. The exclusive treatment paying attention to every little detail is one of the secrets to the success of our Hotel.

Our team of professionals deal in a special way with each of our clients by organizing tours, restaurant reservations and shows, advising local places such as markets, carnival, etc. everything in the language that the customer speaks, as they speak English, French, Italian, German and Arabic.

Hotel Boutique room garden hotel boutique Caffe shop Boutique Hotel Decoration Servicio exclusivo Hotel Boutique 

Note the singularity of the building, since it is a typical Sevillian house of the seventeenth century, where was born the medieval poet, Ximénez de Enciso, who gives the name to our Hotel.

Our establishment benefits from the absolute privacy well kept by our team and also by its location, in the heart of the district of Santa Cruz. A neighborhood of alleys located a few meters from the Cathedral of Seville and the Alcazar Royal.

The rooms are decorated in different ways respecting the high quality and comfortable character of a luxury hotel with a lot of charm.

If you are looking for a charming hotel where the sound of the Spanish guitar is the soundtrack of your best Seville memories, do not hesitate to book at Casa del Poeta, Boutique Hotel.