Saturday, 24 July, 2021

Charming Hotel in Seville – Poet’s House reviews

Casa del Poeta

Casa del Poeta is a charming hotel , located in the Barrio de Santa Cruz , in the historical center of Seville. It is a boutique hotel in Seville, a concept that defines a new generation of accommodations characterized by personalized treatment, its urban location and a thematic distinction at the architectural level. That is, a design hotel.
Casa del Poeta has had a great acceptance among tourists who come to enjoy the city of Seville. Visitors have been able to express their opinions both directly on the hotel premises and on the Internet, thanks to the search engines and directories that exist so that customers can publicly assess the conditions of the accommodations.

In this sense, has a great reputation and monitoring, so the references we read on its pages are useful to know what customers say freely about the Hotel Casa del Poeta.

We found that the hotel ranks first in the preferences of the users of the page, among 173 more candidates. Travelers rate, for the most part, as excellent or very good the hotel and positively score aspects such as cleanliness, rooms, location, service, quality of sleep and the relationship between quality and price.
The staff, according to their comments, has especially enjoyed the location (hotel in the center of Seville), the cleanliness and decoration of the rooms and the pleasant service. An aspect that has left guests captivated has been the setting, typically Seville, which is lived in the inner courtyard, where the touch of guitar at sunset improves the experience.

The newspaper “your trip” of ABC also highlights the opinions of our hotel in the most recognized portals of tourism valuations:

hotel with charm in Seville reviews ABC Sevilla

Opinions on Casa del Poeta on ABC Sevilla

In short, the opinions of customers, who enjoyed the charm and sevillany of this hotel, endorse their choice when staying in the city of Giralda.