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Keys in the decoration of Seville charming hotels

What usually coincide in the decoration of hotels with Seville charm?

Boutique Hotel Casa del Poeta

The beautiful and vibrant Seville has a huge range of accommodation for all types of customers and audiences: from the most demanding to those who come to the Andalusian capital with the best budget. Among the establishments of the city, there is a group of them that is characterized by having a decoration of charming hotels . They are examples of the architecturally beautiful, built with undoubted good taste and extreme care of the smallest and, apparently, insignificant details. An example is the hotel in Seville Casa del Poeta.

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Respecting the origins, we are also innovators

Decoration boutique hotels Seville

Many of these charming hotels are made in the style of the classic Sevillian manor houses of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, following the architectural sketches and configuration of the villas that have made the city one of the most beautiful in the country. Many of the houses of that time have been refurbished to accommodate now charming hotels, which meet all the requi
of the most demanding of the guests, but they preserve, at the same time, the essential architectural and decorative characteristics of the sevillanas houses of yesteryear.

They are places that have been reconstructed respecting the original noble materials and the classical architecture, with the will of not losing an iota of their tremendous charm. The decoration, undeniably beautiful, is made in the image and likeness of the style that was used to decorate and beautify the Sevillian houses of all life. In addition, the walls of the hotels are filled with bullfighting and Andalusian motifs , so that tourists can feel Seville in every corner of these establishments.

The patio, the center of everything

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In our hotel Casa del Poeta, the rooms are arranged around a central courtyard full of life . The courtyards were the most important spaces of the Sevillian villas. They usually have a fountain and are decorated with marble floors and columns, like the palace houses of the most glorious period of the city. These are the enclaves dreamed to rest after a long day of sightseeing and enjoy the beauty of the decoration of the most charming hotels.

The Sevillian hotels that follow the decorative pattern of the classic houses of the city are also characterized by their large balconies embedded in the facade of the buildings. The central balcony usually has a more careful design and is covered with a slate dust cover. Some of these houses are also crowned, at the top of the building, by a panoramic terrace. This is the case of our hotel with its spectacular views of the Sevillian sky. Seville is a city that takes care of its cultural legacy and seeks to preserve the beauty of its buildings and adapt them to contemporary needs. Hence, surely, is one of the cities where it is more common to find staying in hotels with a lot of charm.