Saturday, 24 July, 2021

The decoration on charming hotels

How is the decoration on charming hotels located at Sevilla?

The beautiful and vibrant Seville has a huge amount of inns for all type of guests; from the most exigent to the ones with the budget more adjusted. Between all the establishments on the city, there is a group of them that are characterized because they have a charming decoration. They are examples of the beauty architecture, built with undoubted good taste and with extreme care of the minimum details. An example in Seville is the hotel Casa del Poeta.

Repecting the origins, we are also innovative

Decoración hoteles con encanto Sevilla

Many of these charming hotels are built similar to the classic “Casas Señoriales sevillana” from the XVI, XVII and XVIII century, following the architectonic style and the configuration of the villas that made the city one of the most beautiful in the country. Many of these houses from that time have been refurbished to accommodate now charming hotels that have all the most exigent guest´s requirements, keeping also the architectonics characteristics and the essential decoration from the sevillian houses from that time.

They are places refurbished respecting the original noble materials and the classic architecture, trying not to lose their charm.  The beautiful decoration is done imitating the one on the old sevillian houses. Also, the walls are covered with Andalusian and taurine decoration, so the tourists can feel Seville on every corner of these establishments.

The courtyard, the centre of everything.

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In our boutique hotel Casa del Poeta, the rooms are located around a central courtyard full of life. The courtyards were the most important spaces on the Sevillian villas. Normally, these courtyards have a fountain and they are decorated with flowers and marvel columns. They are dream places to have a rest after a long day of tourism and enjoy their beautiful decoration of the most charming hotels.

The sevillian hotels that follows the decoration of the classical houses on the city are characterized also for their spacious balconies that they have on their frontage. The central balcony has normally a more careful design and is covered with slate cover.

Some of these houses has also, on the top of the building, a panoramic terrace. That is the case of our hotel with its wonderful views of the sevillian sky. Seville is a city that takes care of its cultural legacy and try to preserve the beauty of its buildings and adapt them to contemporary needs. Probably, as result of this, Seville is a city where more charming hotels can be found.