A man asks the hotel staff for a “game” and they really hit it off


A man WHO asked the hotel staff for a “game”‘ to help him not to think about work was delighted when they or they not only satisfied his bizarre request, but also went beyond – meaning he was still playing the next day.

It turns out hed asked the hotel staff to “hide an apple somewhere” in his room so he could find itsaying in a friendly E-mail: Hi, I will be staying two nights with you from Thursday 31/10 to Saturday 02/11 and was wondering if I could request a to favor?

“It may seem a little strange, but can you please hide an apple somewhere in my room for me to find? I travel often, and these little games help me distract myself from work and reduce my stress level.

Credit: TikTok/@tommymodeactivated

“The apple type doesn’t concern me because I enjoy them all. I had a ‘Apple‘ recently which I didn’t really like – I believe it was a pear/apple hybrid… Anyway, I digress – a Granny Smith always satisfies!”

Thomas received an email to say the hotel would do their best to ‘accommodate’ his request, but it wasn’t until he checked in that he realized how far they went through.

Credit: TikTok/@tommymodeactivated
Credit: TikTok/@tommymodeactivated

He recalled in the ICT Tac video: “When I arrived the lady at the reception laughed when she saw my name and noted‘Swhere are you the apple boy?

We told Thom the staff had ‘actually hidden five apples’ in his roomand he went to try to find them.

Credit: TikTok/@tommymodeactivated
Credit: TikTok/@tommymodeactivated

The first four were found with relative ease – the first in the safe of the hotel room, followed by a second under the pillows of his bed and another in the door of the mini-fridge.

Credit: TikTok/@tommymodeactivated
Credit: TikTok/@tommymodeactivated

It took him a while to find the fourth, which was in his bedside drawer, but the fifth proved so elusive that he had to give up the search to go to bed.

It wasn’t until the next day that Thom stabbed him again and revisited a hiding place he had already checked – but not well enough.

Holding the kettle, he opened the lid to reveal a shiny red apple dangling inside.

Credit: TikTok/@tommymodeactivated
Credit: TikTok/@tommymodeactivated

Thom’s video has since gone viral, racking up 1.8 million likes and 9.2 million views.

One person commented, “Imagine they hid the apples in the wrong room and some random person loses their mind because they keep finding apples.”

Someone else said: “I would have hidden only 4 and I would have told you that I had hidden 5.”

A third added: “Good way to get free snacks.”

Definitely beat a little biscuit and steal the slippers.

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