British tourist leaves a legacy for hotel staff in Kuşadası


A British tourist bequeathed a “remarkable amount” of his legacy to members of staff at a hotel in the Kuşadası tourist hotspot in the Aegean province of Aydın, where he had been vacationing since the 1990s.

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“We are affected. I will use the money given to me for the education of my children, ”said Taşkın Daştan, the hotel bellboy, thanking Charles George Courtney, who died seven years ago.

According to the bell boy, Courtney first became a guest at the hotel in 1990. Since then, he has spent some 52 vacations in the same hotel and in the same room for decades.

He died in 2015, just two months after spending his last vacation at the hotel.

“Right after her death, we got a call from Britain saying that Courtney had left some money from her inheritance,” Daştan said.

Courtney had arranged her will days before her death, asking her nephew to sell his properties and share some of the money earned from sales with hotel staff.

However, the will caused a sensation in the family. Some family members opposed it, while others supported it.

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After years of discussions, the nephew arrived in Kuşadası in the last week of August.

On August 22, the nephew allocated the inheritance money to the hotel staff and left for England.

Asked about the amount of money, Tacettin Özden, the hotel manager, simply replied “Enough” without giving further details.

“We first met when I carried his suitcase for the first time. He has always been kind to me, ”said Daştan.

“He trusted me so much that he left me all his money. I saw his money like mine. He received allowances from me during his vacation, ”noted Daştan.

Courtney was so loved by the hotel staff that they were considered “our Charlie” by them.

“Charlie always used to stay in the same room. That’s why, years ago, the hotel gave the name “Charlie Room” to Room 401 where it stayed, ”the bell boy recalled.



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