Disturbing video shows verbal attack by Norfolk hotel employee


The video was shot at the Day’s Inn at Military Circle. Management has confirmed that the clerk has been fired and the guest has been reimbursed.

NORFOLK, Virginia – A disturbing video showing a Norfolk hotel worker verbally attacking a guest goes viral on social media.

It happened Thursday at the Day’s Inn in Military Circle.

Recording artist Joshua October was the target of the tirade, which he recorded on his phone.

“Good old prison boy here.” Look at prison boy, ”the hotel employee can be heard saying. “Look at that silly little haircut ** he has, looks like a mop ******.”

October, whose real name is Christopher Auger, said he and the hotel clerk started arguing over the free yogurt he pulled out of the guests’ breakfast room, after hours. breakfast. The hotel clerk demanded that he hand it over. October refused.

See the full video below:

The hotel clerk can be heard asking October, “Do you think you’re going in like, my God, something came out of a garbage heap?”

October posted the video to Facebook and Instagram. Within hours, he had racked up thousands of views.

“You are going to go viral. You are going to lose your job,” October told the clerk in the video.

The employee replied, “I don’t care. Do you think I’m worried about this job? Do you really think I care about this job? “

At another point in the video, the clerk is on the phone saying, “He’s nothing to me. He’s nothing, he always hasn’t been nothing, he still won’t be nothing. Look at him. He is nothing. has a **** ** mop for a hair. “

October said he decided to film the meeting because he believed it “was something the audience needed to see.”

He told 13 News Now: “It was a pretty scary situation. My anxiety was starting to mount.”

October said parent company Wyndham Hotels & Resorts contacted him a day after posting the video and offered him an apology and a refund.

When contacted for comment, Wyndham said in a statement: “Upon learning of this incident, we immediately contacted the owner of the hotel, who has since informed us that the person in question is no longer an employee. from the hotel. We extend our sincere apologies to this guest, who will receive a full refund from the hotel as well as additional compensation as a gesture of goodwill on behalf of the brand. “

Day’s Inn management declined to be interviewed, but confirmed that the hotel employee had been fired and October was reimbursed.

“This is something that I have dealt with a number of times, but to that extent, at this level, I have never dealt with this,” October said. “It was the icing on the cake and I had had enough.”

October said he hopes the experience will teach the clerk a lesson.

“Maybe he will wake up and learn that I made a mistake talking to this young man, maybe he will change. Who knows,” October said.


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