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AMSTERDAM – Oaky, the hyper-personalized hotel upselling solution, is one of the first ORACLE Hospitality partners to launch the all-new Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP). This makes it cost effective and simple for joint customers to take advantage of the seamless two-way integration between the upsell platform and the OPERA Cloud PMS. The goal of this new partnership is to drive innovation in the hospitality industry and enable hoteliers to improve their upselling results.

Implementing the latest hotel technology solutions to optimize operations is critical to a hotel’s success in today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace. The connection between Oaky and OHIP will facilitate just that for hotels. For the first time ever, users can adopt state-of-the-art technology without paying high onboarding fees, as OHIP usage is free for hotels running on the OPERA Cloud PMS.

“We are proud and excited that Oaky is among the first hotel technology providers to connect to the PMS OPERA Cloud via the new OHIP integration. Working on this project with the Oracle Hospitality team has been great and we appreciate having a partner who shares our dedication to innovation and makes cutting-edge technology accessible to hoteliers,” said Clément Dénarié, Head of Partnerships at Oaky.

The platform gives partners and vendors easy access to the data they need to develop two-way integrations between their solutions and the OPERA Cloud PMS. Second, OHIP’s intuitive interface makes it easy for hoteliers to enroll and immediately leverage its capabilities without having to work with Oracle Consulting. This has already become and will remain a major driver of innovation in the hospitality industry as it makes modern tools more accessible to hoteliers, both in terms of cost and ease of implementation.

Oaky’s two-way integration with OHIP brings many benefits to hotels. It allows data to flow back and forth between the OPERA Cloud PMS and the upsell platform. This creates new opportunities for more automation, increased efficiency and streamlined operations. In addition to saving time and eliminating the risk of human error, it increases a hotel’s potential to generate ancillary revenue.

“Less hassle and increased ancillary revenue are two major changes we’ve seen since we started using the Oaky and OPERA Cloud integration through OHIP. As personalized offers are automatically sent to customers and reserved add-ons are added to OPERA Cloud without team intervention saves us a lot of time and helps us to further refine our services, resulting in our guests having an even more memorable experience and being more likely to spread the word about our hotel.” said Jakob Lindh Tripolitis, Head of E-Commerce at Nobis Hospitality Group.

Even travelers will benefit because Oaky can automatically pull reservation data such as rate code, room type, packages booked and other details, to segment customers and determine the most appropriate offers for each individual traveler. Since integration via OHIP enables dynamic pricing of room upgrades and enables the upsell solution to reach direct bookers and OTA customers with highly targeted offers, conversion rates and revenue are positively impacted.

About Oaky

Oaky is a Hyper-personalized upselling software that helps hotels increase revenue through enriched guest experience and branding. Enabling hotels to take advantage of segmentation, personalization, dynamic pricing and more, Oaky takes upselling services and upgrades to the next level, maximizing average spend per guest and eliminating the process of upsell process. Oaky has been recognized as the best upselling software by Hotel Tech Report for 5 consecutive years and is trusted by innovative hotels, groups and chains around the world, including ONYX Hospitality & Radisson Hotel Group.

Anastasia Kravtsenko
Public Relations and Events Manager

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