Foxtel forms strategic partnership with RGC to boost hotel offering


Leading TV content provider Foxtel has formed a strategic partnership with Reivernet Group of Companies (RGC) to bring an end-to-end technology and entertainment solution to the Australian accommodation industry.

Following the recent launch of Foxtel’s Business iQ platform for hotels, the partnership will enable owners and operators to benefit from a single hotel technology proposition with multiple content options for hoteliers and their guests, including support and a consolidated delivery.

RGC will be the first to integrate Foxtel’s content into its commercial offering in the hospitality market, which includes Reivernet’s world-class authentication, chrome broadcast and Guest TV gateways, and will therefore be responsible for the performance of the network.

“We are delighted to include Foxtel’s Business iQ platform in our overall offering,” said RGC CEO David Stallworthy.

“Quality content is key to a quality stay and the availability of Foxtel content for our customers and their guests is the perfect complement to our end-to-end network offering.”

Foxtel’s Business iQ allows customers to watch live TV, stream from a library of on-demand movies and TV shows for free, and stream from personal devices. It also helps hotels communicate and interact with customers through technology. Around 400 properties – and more than 23,000 rooms – are already using the platform in Australia.

RGC designs, builds and supports complex data networks for enterprises and is well established in the hospitality industry with over two decades of experience. Foxtel says the partnership is a natural fit.

“RGC was Foxtel Business’ first natural hotel partner, with its reach, experience and global group recommendations to represent us in the hospitality market,” said Ben Campbell, Director of Sales and Marketing, Foxtel.


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