‘Reuse reduce recycle! Hotel management team creates 12 foot Christmas tree from used plastic bottles


With a management team from the hotel “Reuse, reduce and recycle” (students and professors of BSC (hs) of Laxmi Memorial College of Hotel Management, Kodialbail, Mangaluru) Create a Christmas tree using almost 1450 plastic bottles used

Mangaluru: It is the time of the holidays and the holidays. There are a lot of parties and gatherings that ultimately generate a lot of waste. So it’s heartwarming to see that Christmas can be an opportunity to use waste in a meaningful way, like this 12 foot Christmas tree made up of almost 1,450 junk plastic (soda / soda) bottles. Students and professors at BSC (hs) at Laxmi Memorial College of Hotel Management, Kodialbail, Mangaluru) wanted to show how important it is to be different every year, to show everyone that each of us can do something beautiful from unnecessary things. The result was a huge 12-meter-tall Christmas tree made from recycled bottles. At night, the tree is lit from within, resulting in a shiny, translucent emerald green spruce top that is in the news everywhere.

The faculties, namely Professor Shailesh Ramesh and Assistant Professor Rahul Bhat, as well as students-Mildred D’Souza, Karthik, Allen Larsen Kotian and Vishwas participated in the making of this unique beautiful ecological Christmas tree, which is on display in front of the college entrance for viewers. The creators of this Christmas tree have always been fascinated with how trash can be used creatively instead of just throwing it away, and they are thrilled with the unique Christmas tree they made.

From left to right: Mildred D’Souza, Professor Shailesh Ramesh, Allen Larsen Kotian and Professor Rahul Bhat

We learn that the students had collected these used plastic bottles during the last month at various outdoor events, restaurants, public places, etc. As the tree required the same type of bottles, it was a difficult task for the students to collect them, and they were successful in doing so. The goal of the tree is to educate people about a plastic-free environment. And to make this world sustainable, recycling plastic recycling thoughts is just as important. Reuse, reduce and recycle!

Christmas is a holiday we all celebrate with all our hearts. We cannot celebrate Christmas without Christmas trees. We all buy trees of different sizes and decorate them with lots of lights and toys to celebrate Christmas. But one bad thing about these Christmas trees is the death of living trees for that day. It’s so horrible! Next Christmas 2022, let’s celebrate Christmas in an environmentally friendly way, so that we can protect our mother earth in this dangerous time for nature. The faculty and students of this hotel school have set an example for us with their unique creativity. Well done to them!

How about making a Christmas tree from recycled plastic bottles next year? It will be great eh! As we all know, how much harm can a plastic bottle do! You just need to collect a few plastic bottles to make them. Get ready and discover amazing ways to create an eco-friendly Christmas tree.


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