Stars of Community Service: Hilton Brisbane’s Week of Festive Joy


Members of the Hilton Brisbane team went above and beyond last week (December 6-10) to help support the community as part of Hilton Effect Week.

Team members prepared meals, cleaned public gardens, donated corporate clothing and toiletries, and supported their long-term charitable partners during the emotional week of community service.

Heading into the holiday season, the week brought together members of the Hilton Brisbane team in their passion for hospitality and service by participating in hands-on volunteer events in their local community.

The hotel prepared a week full of important community projects that saw team members participate in a variety of activities:
– Christmas meals cooked and wrapped with written messages of love and hope to donate to Oz Harvest;
– Donation of corporate clothing and essential toiletries to Suited to Success;
-Write motivational Christmas messages to the children of the Smith Family Learning for Life program; and
-Cleaning of the botanical gardens of the city and the banks of the river.

The Brisbane hotel was also recently selected to receive a $ 1,000 Hilton Effect grant, which was used to double Christmas-themed meals (from 250 planned to a total of 500), filled with messages from love, encouragement and support before freezing. collect them by Oz Harvest, so that their customers can enjoy a festive meal this Christmas.

“The Hilton Effect Week is a great opportunity for team members to make a positive impact within our local Brisbane communities and supports Hilton’s corporate responsibility program, Travel with Purpose,” said Chris Partridge, Managing Director of the Hilton South East Queensland area.

Hilton Brisbane has participated in the annual Hilton Effect Week since 2011. During this time, team members contributed 5,177 volunteer hours; positively impacting local communities.

Hilton Brisbane Travel with Purpose Champion Adrienne Putelli said: “I am proud of the collective effort of our teams to make a positive difference in the community, both environmentally and from a community perspective. social justice. The results are both tangible and heartwarming.

Hilton Effect Week 2021 comes less than two months after members of the Hilton Brisbane team gathered with Brisbane City Council to leave a living legacy by planting 300 trees in a local park.

According to Partridge, this initiative honors the hotel’s commitment in early 2019 to make a positive difference in the environment by planting 100 trees each year, in celebration of Hilton’s 100th anniversary.


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