Tanning bed blockers get their towels taken away by hotel staff


There’s nothing worse than walking by the pool on your vacation and finding that all the sunbeds have been reserved with towels.

Well, one hotel took matters into their own hands – literally – by removing towels from lounge chairs, which were placed there by guests who weren’t actually lying by the pool.

Watch the video below:

A holidaymaker at the GF Gran Costa Adeje Hotel, Tenerife, Amanda Proctortook to TikTok to capture the very moment tanning bed blockers dream of stealing all the good pool spots ripped from them.

Social media users took to the comments section of the video to praise the hotel and its staff for enforcing their strict ‘NO SAVING ON SUBSATS BEFORE 10AM’ policy.

One viewer wrote, “Every hotel should do this!”

“Damn right! Morale staff right there,” another commented.

“Ooh, I bet it’s fun to see people coming back,” another commented of the carnage that was to follow.

The creator of the video then replied: “It was absolutely hilarious! Some never returned until mid-afternoon.

Another viewer noted, “These are the ones who book by the pool and don’t show up until 4pm.”

A hotel has removed towels from lounge chairs that were placed there by guests who are not actually by the pool. Credit: Unsplash.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” another joked.

A representative from Hotel GF Gran Costa Adeje told LADbible, “At GF Gran Costa Adeje, we defend the right of all our guests to enjoy our swimming pools and we ask everyone to respect our policy. All clients will have their space in our solarium.

“In this situation, our colleague, like the whole GF Gran Costa Adeje team, is a hero without a cape. We are very satisfied with the reaction to the video and with our customers.”

The rule has caused confusion about how authorities plan to enforce the law, and also raises questions about whether authorities will question every tourist who looks a little too “relaxed” in the water, or will they take note of the number of bathroom trips?

Yet lawmakers in Vigo, a city in the Galicia region, will now charge people who “relieve themselves” in the sea off the coast of Spain, MailOnline reports.

In Spain, holidaymakers also risk being fined if they are caught urinating in the ocean.  Credit: Unsplash.
In Spain, holidaymakers also risk being fined if they are caught urinating in the ocean. Credit: Unsplash.

The city council described the act as a “minor offence” and “a breach of hygiene and sanitary rules”.

Instead, public toilets will be set up around the beach to deter people from urinating in the water.

Authorities will also fine those who litter and anyone who brings a gas bottle or barbecue to the beach. Also, the use of soap in the ocean is strictly prohibited.

People playing with a ball or trying to reserve a spot on the beach with a towel will also be charged under the new regulations, which are due to come into force on July 18.


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