Tattoo artists, hotel worker among 5 killed, 2 injured in shooting


Here’s what we know of the five people killed and two injured in Denver and Lakewood on Monday night.

DENVER – Friends and family of the victims struggle to cope with loss after a shooting in Denver and Lakewood ended with five dead and two others injured.

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Here’s what we know about the victims:

  • Alicia Cardenas, owner of Sol Tribe tattoo parlor, killed
  • Danny Scofield, “Dano Blair”, who worked at Lucky 13 Tattoo & Piercing, was killed
  • Sarah Steck, who worked at Hyatt House, was killed
  • Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado, who worked at Sol Tribe, was killed
  • Michael Swinyard, 67, was killed in his home near Cheesman Park
  • Jimmy Maldonado, who worked at Sol Tribe, shot dead but is expected to survive, police say
  • Lakewood Constable Ashley Ferris, who was shot before shooting the gunman, police say

Donations to support all victims can be made through the Colorado Healing Fund.

Alicia Cardenas, 44 years old

Cardenas was gunned down around 5 p.m. at Sol Tribe, the tattoo shop she owned on Broadway in Denver.

” It’s great. It is difficult to express the number of lives of people it has touched. She was a very outgoing person, she accepted everyone, especially the marginalized, ”said her father Alfredo Cardenas. “A true advocate for the homeless, for the LGBTQ community – everyone you know was connected with her in one way or another.”

His father said he was concerned about his 12-year-old, saying they “were going to need a lot of love and compassion.”

A friend described her as a warrior and defender of all.

“She was an amazing mom, tattoo artist and accredited body drill,” said Samantha Lindstrom. “Alicia never paid attention to words and was never afraid to tell you what she was thinking or feeling, but she always came from a place of love. We go back a long way and she was a part of family. Alicia was a beautiful woman inside and out. A loving wife, mother-in-law and yogi. Such a warm and caring being.

Another friend who met her through the art community called her a light to everyone she met.

“She was devoted to the spirit and to our ancestors for all who met her,” Cal Duran said. “She just wanted to bring knowledge and light.”

Alyssa Gunn Maldonado, 35

Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado and her husband Jimmy Maldonado were both gunned down at Sol Tribe, the Broadway tattoo parlor where they worked, Maldonado’s family told 9NEWS. Gunn-Maldonado was killed in the shooting, while Maldonado was injured but is expected to survive.

George Blosser is one of Jimmy Maldonado’s clients. He has known him for 20 years. Blosser said Alyssa completed Jimmy.

“I knew he had found happiness in a way that had escaped him before,” said Blosser. “For Jimmy, it was about finding a life partner who shared that space, who shared that spiritual perspective and all of a sudden he had someone who was like, ‘Let’s take this trip together. “”

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Jimmy maldonado

Jimmy Maldonado was injured in the Sol Tribe shooting. Maldonado’s brother told 9NEWS on Wednesday that he was starting to improve physically, but was heartbroken over losing his wife.

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Michael Swinyard, 67

Swinyard was killed inside his condo at One Cheesman Place in Denver. The gunman forced his way into the building and shot Swinyard after breaking into his unit, according to the building manager.

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Danny Scofield, 38

Danny Scofield, or “Dano Blair”, was a tattoo artist who worked at Lucky 13 Tattoo & Piercing in Lakewood.

“I can tell you that he was as close to me as a brother, not just a good friend,” one of Scofield’s friends told 9NEWS. “He was a gentle giant loved by all – no enemies. It was clean and sober – free of drugs and alcohol. He is a loving father, beloved son and brother.

“This random act of violence has broken us all,” said Scofield’s friend. “He worked for Lucky 13 for about two years before moving to Seattle, but came back to Denver and worked at a different studio for a while. He’s been back at Lucky 13 for two and a half years, almost three years now. We are all devastated.

Friends and customers of Scofield stopped by Lucky 13 on Tuesday afternoon to drop flowers and candles.

“Danny was a good person,” said Annie Bagford, a longtime friend. “He was a tattoo artist. He was a father. He was a friend. He was an uncle. Danny was a good human.

Friends have said Scofield visits the understated Kavasutra Kava Bar frequently between dates. Friends told 9NEWS that Scofield was at the bar on Monday night and only left for Lucky 13 because he had a date. According to friends, he usually worked alone on Mondays.

“A very supportive friend and so much fun,” said Cody McLaughlin. “Made people laugh and smile. He was a guide for sure.

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Sarah Steck, 28

Steck was working at the front desk at the Hyatt House hotel in Belmar when she was shot several times, according to Lakewood police.

“She was a really positive person, like an exuberant person,” said Peter Bergman.

Bergman is Associate Professor of Communication Design at MSU Denver. He said he was Steck’s academic advisor before she graduated in communications design last spring.

“She really put a lot of her skills and talents into projects that kind of raised the voices of people who were unsuitable or outside cultural norms,” Bergman said.

Steck created a portfolio of graphic design work that made a professor like Bergman proud. He described Steck as trendy, creative and cool.

“She was, like, a lot more hip than the average person,” Bergman said. “I have spoken a lot with many of the students she graduated from, who all describe her in very positive terms and are truly heartbroken by this tragedy.”

The hotel said it was temporarily suspending operations out of respect for Steck and to allow time for the hotel team to mourn.

“We are devastated by the sudden and tragic loss of our dear friend and colleague Sarah Steck, receptionist at the Hyatt House Denver / Lakewood in Belmar,” the hotel’s general manager said in a statement. “Colleagues and guests knew Sarah for her infectious laughter and her love of kittens, art and music, especially Blink-182. But most of all, Sarah loved her boyfriend, family and friends. She will be sadly missed and our hearts go out to Sarah’s family and friends as well as to the families and friends of all the victims of the horrific act of violence that occurred on December 27, 2021. ”

Steck’s boyfriend Trevor Champeno told 9NEWS on Thursday that she is a loving person.

“All you need to know is that Sarah was the nicest and most caring. The happiest person I have ever come into contact with in my life. She loves music. Her favorites are Blink182, David Bowie, Johnny Cash and The Midnight, “Champeno said.” She loved everything Disney. Her favorite was ‘The Little Mermaid.’ She could never hurt anyone and it doesn’t make sense for anyone to hurt her.

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Ashley ferris

Lakewood Constable Ashley Ferris encountered the suspect in the vicinity of Vance Street and Alaska Drive in Belmar after he shot five people and exchanged gunfire with police at two separate locations.

According to the Lakewood Police Department, Ferris ordered the suspect to drop his gun as he approached her, but he ignored her orders and shot her in the abdomen. The injured officer retaliated on the suspect.

“I cannot stress enough the heroic actions of our Lakewood Constable,” Police spokesman John Romero said Tuesday. “In the face of shooting, in the face of danger, she was able not only to save others from this terrible tragedy, but also to neutralize the threat. “

Ferris is a three-year veteran of the department, Romero said. She has been hospitalized since Wednesday evening.

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