Training your hotel staff on a new PMS should take minutes, not days


Time is an incredibly valuable currency, especially in the hospitality world. Running a hotel effectively requires that efficiency and customer focus are always at the forefront – which means your people, internal processes, guest feedback (and more) must all be firmly intact. , supported and running smoothly to ensure continued success. While seeking to work smarter, not harder, hoteliers often find themselves looking for advanced solutions to improve day-to-day operations and streamline management efforts. After all, the more time these solutions can save a hotel, the better.

This is where thinking about PMS solutions comes in, with hoteliers faced with the choice between new generation of property management systems and old legacy systems. The ideal PMS system will help you increase service levels, generate revenue, reduce costs and ultimately change the way you connect with your customers. So which PMS will do this most effectively? New school hotel technology.

A high turnover rate requires PMS tools that facilitate integration

The hospitality industry has long been known for high employee turnover rates and a high volume of employees suited to a younger demographic. Some studies measure turnover between 31% and 34% as the industry standard. Other studies show that the turnover rate among non-managerial hotel employees is up to 50%. This places extra emphasis on the onboarding process that each hotel has in place, requiring systems and processes that are easy to learn and master for new employees as they take on their new role.

Existing and current PMS solutions often limit this capability, as they tend to be rather difficult and time-consuming to learn, even when these solutions offer cloud-based or mobile versions. This creates a need for external trainers to come on-site simply to train staff on a solution that, quite frankly, is often not intuitive enough to meet the demands of modern hotel infrastructure. In fact, it has become a common complaint among industry professionals over the years.

The hotel staff is increasingly younger and more tech-savvy, with a preference for mobile devices. Not only will they respond and adapt positively to technologically advanced solutions that prioritize ease of use, but it will reduce the pressure on management to spend extra time on in-depth system training each time they hire. a new hire. After all, training your staff on your new PMS should take minutes, not days.

The next generation of PMS software is easy to use and created specifically to streamline processes such as front desk inquiries, rate management, reservations, housekeeping and finance. This helps increase revenue, reduce costs, increase customer service, and increase staff efficiency, while ensuring your PMS software can connect to any technology partnerships your hotel has in place. place (web booking API, channel management software, etc.), or hope to implement in the future.

Support your team with ultimate ease of use

In today’s hospitality landscape, ease of use is becoming the biggest predictor of internal adoption and the success of your PMS tool. It’s no surprise, then, that a recent study by Capterra found that 74% of field service companies rated functionality or ease of use as a top priority when choosing new software. This means that modern software and technology must emphasize user-friendliness – hoteliers need a system that allows for rapid implementation, a fast learning curve, excellent support and comprehensive training materials to support continued adoption.

The PMS system in place should either allow the user to do something they were not able to do before, or allow them to complete a certain activity in less time and with less effort. If the tool in place does not meet these standards, your employees will not perceive the system as easy to use or effective.

Ultimately, your employees want to feel supported and to offer them the law These tools will not only enable them to perform at their best, but will help increase internal morale, job satisfaction and productivity as they feel confident and well equipped in their role.

An easy-to-use PMS will improve customer service

In a recent study, 70% of employees said poorly performing technology weighs on their productivity rates. Poor technology is also demotivating and leads to leakage which directly changes the level of customer service they feel capable of providing. With a powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use system, your employees can spend more time focusing on what matters: your guests. With advanced mobile solutions, you can free your staff from reception or their respective desks and allow them to interact with customers on a more personal level. This not only improves customer service, but also enables efficient and responsive action when unique needs (or even setbacks) arise.

Here are some usability features you should look for in a hotel property management system:

  • Instinctive and easy to learn
  • Speed
  • Quick implementation and configuration
  • Mobile and cloud access
  • Easy integrations
  • Uninterrupted Reliability

With these integral considerations in mind, the choice between legacy and next-generation PMS technology becomes simple. Enable your hotel to achieve optimal functionality and efficiency with an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that will grow with you, not slow you down.

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Stayntouch provides a complete cloud and mobile hotel property management system (PMS) and 1100+ integrations, enabling hotels to increase service levels, drive revenue, reduce costs and ultimately captivate their guests . Backed by a team of professionals with deep roots in the hospitality industry, Stayntouch is a trusted partner to many forward-thinking hotels and resorts, including TWA Hotel, First Hotels, Conscious Hotels, Margaritaville, Valencia Hotel Group and Modus Hotels. Stayntouch is also a preferred PMS partner for some of the world’s leading independent hotel collections including; Design Hotels, an independent Marriott brand and Curator Hotel & Resort Collection.

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